I’ve been living in Maryland since 1974. I had a studio/retail space at The Savage Mill in Savage, MD but I am now working out of my home. Sad to say it just didn't work out but I sure did enjoy it while it lasted! I'm grateful for all the wonderful people I met there!
I have strong emotional and family roots to the Southwest and to the East coast. I have always been engaged with my creative side and since I was very young I loved to draw and paint as much as possible. My life has taken me down both the graphic and fine art roads and I have enjoyed trying to merge the two disciplines with my paintings. I graduated from Towson State University with a Bachelors of Fine Art with a Concentration in Graphic Design.

For most of my work I choose to work with oil paint, oil pastel and I like to experiment with palette knives scratching surfaces showing colors underneath layers of paint. I like to paint the essence of a subject rather than all of the detail but still retaining the recognizable aspects of the subject. I love color and texture and in my work I am always attempting to use these elements to create a harmonious balance of positive and negative space.
I am happy to reproduce for you any of the sold paintings or make something especially for you. Send me an email if you have any questions or need more information.
Thank you for taking a look!

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