I love good design and I love to create...
So I've created a life with a fine art road and a graphic design road. I graduated from Towson State with a Bachelors in Fine Art/Graphic Design.
Honestly I love painting - and I would be in heaven if I could paint full-time but I'm not quite there yet so I also do what I am skilled at and that is graphics, illustration, commercial art. 
It works for me!
My paintings are about color, form, composition, pattern and seeing the beauty in natural world. I like to experiment with materials and finishes and I love the whole art of positive and negative space. It's always interested me the space around things as much as the thing...the space between the bars - is it the bars or the space between the bars that keeps the lion in? 
A lot of my paintings have sold, which is sheer delight! So if you see a piece that you like and would like me to create something similar just let me know - I am happy to make art especially designed for you. Send me an email if you have any questions or need more information.

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